Boho Bachelorette Bedroom

I love all of my clients (really, I do!), but I especially love designing for my single ladies. There is something so fun about working with a woman who is creating her dream space, with her singular, uncompromising vision. I have been lucky to work with a handful of fabulous bachelorette babes, but honestly, they haven't all had the most "girly" taste...which is awesome, but sometimes I just want to get my pink on! And I live with a man, so even though we have a healthy dose of my favorite shades of pinks in our apartment, sometimes I want to stretch those muscles and do something that is all out, unapologetically feminine. Or my take on feminine, which is not so much frills and florals, as it is ethnic textiles, warm woods, dreamy photography, and an extra helping of pink!

Not that pink is anything new. Millennial pink has definitely been having it's moment in the sun. Some might say that pink is already over. Rose quartz was the 2016 Pantone color of the year, after all (don't get me started on 2017 or 2018 colors...that's a whole different rant I don't have time for today). But I would argue that pink is a classic. It might cycle in popularity, but it always comes back around.

So, without further ado, here is one of my takes on incorporating pink in a mood board I'm calling "Boho Bachelorette Bedroom".


Boho Bachelorette Bedroom 12.11.17.jpg

Mirror Mirror

I don't know about anyone else, but I feel like big, round mirrors are popping up everywhere I look! The trend has been around for a while, but for the life of me I couldn't find the really big mirrors available to purchase without going through a lengthy, expensive custom order.

Here are a few images that have been gracing my Pinterest boards and inspiring me to go big when it comes to mirrors.

Credit:  My Domaine

Credit: My Domaine

Credit:  Homepolish

Credit: Homepolish

Credit:  My Domaine

Credit: My Domaine

Well, leave it to the retail gods to answer our prayers, because the other day when I was looking for a big mirror for a client, I found them all over the place, at a range of price points. Here's a roundup of some of my best finds for getting the look:

Big Mirrors.jpg

Where to buy: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Hello Blogosphere

OMG, another interior design blog...why? Well, I don't have a great answer for that. I'm not even sure if anyone will read this blog, except my mom (hi mom!). 

I think my main reasoning is that I've noticed that I need one more outlet for all things design. I work with clients every day, but honestly I keep designing 24/7. I see things I love out in the world, I am on Pinterest and Instagram all the time, I still get magazines in the mail (there's nothing like print and I'll fight to the death for it). I even design rooms for imaginary clients, just to have an outlet to do things that I don't get to do for my IRL clients. That is pretty nerdy, but it's I'm starting a little place to put all these extra thoughts and design ideas out into the world. And maybe I'll just be writing to an empty void, but maybe (hopefully) a few people will be able to find some products or get some design ideas they wouldn't have discovered on their own.

So stay tuned for ideas, inspo, shopping guides, and more!